10 posts writers need to read

With the launch of Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform, the past week or so has been filled with compelling content about building your audience, honing your message, and pursuing your writing dreams.   Our Reader is full of great content and between Erin and me, we have “starred” a lot (a. lot.) of posts over the past few days.

10 Posts Writers Need to Read designbyinsight.flywheelsites.com/blog

Writers are readers, or so the saying goes. This week we’ve gathered some posts writers need to read. Here are ten posts for writers that I have found especially encouraging and filled with specific and useful information:

  1. We may as well start with Michael Hyatt’s graphic outlining the Platform process.  If you are on the fence about buying his book, this might help you decide.  {My copy should arrive today!}
  2. The whole Get Your Book Published series at Next Step Editing has been great!  Sandra’s posts on submission sites, writer’s conferences, and agents are full of information.
  3. You all know how much we love Jeff Goins around here.  Besides the adorable Instagram photos of his new son (too cute!), he’s created a four-part audio series to enhance the information in You Are a Writer.  {Those who purchase the platinum bundle receive this audio series as part of that package.}
  4. 5 Essentials to Online Publishing on Tentblogger … go now!
  5. Overwhelmed by SEO?  It’s not generally our “native tongue” as writers.  That’s why I love this information from Author Media , What Every Author Needs to Know about Search Engine Optimization.
  6. Joanna Penn has great insight into self-publishing and how it can give you new opportunities as a writer.
  7. Speaking of self-publishing, Sarah Mae shares the one reason she WON’T use KDP Select.
  8. Your author website matters!  Duolit offers 7 Lessons to Improve Your Author Website.  Excellent information with a generous dose of humor.
  9. Writer’s block … the bane of writers everywhere.  In this post from The Write Practice comes the wise and practical counsel, Don’t Write Well, Write Now.
  10. And finally, one more from Jeff Goins, 10 Ridiculously Simple Tips for Writing a Book.
So, there you go … ten posts for you weekend reading.  Enjoy!

What great posts or books on writing have you read lately?

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  1. Thank you *so* much for including my post with all the other great ones above! Lots of great sites to add to my feed reader 🙂 Happy Friday!

    1. We love to link! Plus we think you are super brave to speak at a women’s blogger conference like Influence. Thanks for always providing great content.

  2. Are these resources mostly for creating an online presence? The book “Platform” came across as rather intimidating. I am probably not very informed, but it feels like writing a book is so very dependent on being a marketing or sales person. I love to write — always have — but the networking seems more onerous than the writing!

    Great list of resources, though, for those who are not so faint of heart.

    1. Kim, I think many writers feel the same way. The words may flow freely (or not 🙂 ), but it’s often the other aspects that are the most intimidating. Our hope is that these posts will provide some insight and help for writers as they work to build an online presence so that others can read their words.

      1. I wonder what writers did before the advent of the internet. Time on the internet, searching for an online presence means less time actually researching and writing. It’s a difficult trade-off.

        1. They definitely had more time to write! On the other hand, they had much less chance of people actually reading it. Technology has opened the gates of possibility wide! Now each writer has to consider the options and find the balance of it all that works for them.

    2. Some of these are specific to online presence but the series by Sandra of Next Step Editing is specifically about traditional publishing and how to get there with not much about the marketing component. And Jeff Goins is a wealth of knowledge writing in general not just for online publication.

      However, as a person who has sought traditional publishing, I can tell you (no matter what they say!!) internet presence and marketing are a huge big deal. I have friends who are not “big” authors but do have several books published that are having to work hard to learn the online “game” in order to keep getting their stuff published.

      It is a hard thing to balance all of it.

      1. My daughter is PhD student whose advisor told her that she will have to make a choice as to whether she wants to pursue the avenue which will get her read or the one which will give her the greatest satisfaction in what she produces. Basically, she told my daughter that it means catering to a different audience.

        I’ve often considered pursuing grad school as a means to write so that I don’t necessarily have to play a “game.” Personally, I see so many drawbacks with the internet personally speaking, that it kind of feels like a bitter pill to have to cater more to it. One of the publishing companies that I have the most respect for and would love to have publish anything I wrote wasn’t among the list of publishers Sandra Peoples had in her material.

  3. Thanks for this list. I am familiar with a few of them. You’ve added a couple of assignments to my To-Do List. But I’m not complaining! Thanks again.

    1. I added a couple of assignments to my own “to do” list with one, too, Dana! 🙂

    1. Alia, we just want to help our writer friends find info that will both help and encourage them in their goals. Glad to hear this post accomplished that goal.

    1. We’re glad you found it helpful, Jinu. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. Thank you for post and the links. I’ve read some (and am working through Michael Hyatt’s Platform), but others were new to me.

    Your blog looks like a great resource–I just subscribed!

    1. Great, Matt! We’re glad to have given you some new resources to check out and happy to hear you subscribed to our blog too.

    1. Happy to include you! So much great info on your site. Thank you for being such a great resource for writers.

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