3 big questions about blogging

Blogging is a tough sport, y’all!  It seems like every time we think we’ve got it figured out, the rules change again.  But 3 big questions about blogging always seem to filter to the top:

What should I write?

How can I get people to come back again?

What matters most?

Today I’ve collected a few great posts that address those questions.

Struggling to write blog posts lately? Erin found this great post the other day! Mind mapping is an excellent way to brainstorm for post ideas. You might even find a plan for a new series in the process! Check out How to Create an Endless Stream of Blog Post Ideas from The Book Designer.  {And you might just want to spend some time there perusing all the other useful information they have gathered.}

Wondering how to get visitors to stick around and even come back again?  As always, ProBlogger has great information on the topic.  In Quality v. Volume: The Traffic Spectrum, and How Bloggers Can Harness It, Darren share specific insight on both the “hard won, single visitor” and the “generic, viral visitor.”  Great post!

Ever long for the “good old days” of blogging?  Jeff Goins shares 5 lessons from those early days of blogging that we’d all do well to remember.  Number 1:  Relationships matter!

What are your biggest questions about blogging?  What is the biggest issue you face in building your blog?