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3 great list posts - designbyinsight.net

I love list posts! There are so many ways to use them and to make them unique. It’s one of the best content development tools a blogger can have. In fact, at Design by Insight we do them every week. List posts don’t have to to “top ten” or “3 great.” But, we all know, people respond to posts with numbers in the title.  For example, 10 blogging goals for 2013 and tips for reaching them is a post we wrote earlier this year.

Here are three more great list posts we’ve read recently.

  • 7 mistakes even nice looking blogs make  Momcomm is a great resource site for blogger.  This list is awesome and has some of those things we all know but sometimes we fail to put into action.
  • 18 ways to elevate your community engagement  Love these ideas from BlueGlass.  My favorite is #5—Give your visitors their 15 minutes of fame online.  {Edited on May 29, 2013.  The BlueGlass site is no longer available but the recommendation to recognize your visitors is a great way to improve engagement.}
  • 5 silly ways you’re sabotaging your blog without even realizing it Boost Blog Traffic always has excellent content.  If you’ve been blogging for more than six months, you really should read this post.  {And if you haven’t, read it anyway so you won’t fall into any of the bad habits they list!}

Do you use list posts?  If you have a great list post on your blog, share the link and we’ll check it out.


    1. I love that! And I’m sharing it with one of my friends who just had a baby. I know she’ll be especially interested in the baby food. Thank you for leaving the link.

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