3 pinterest boards you need to have

3 pinterest boards you need to haveAs I’ve shared before, I love Pinterest! For the past year it has been my number one social media referral source, and the more I learn how to use it, the more it helps me grow my audience and build my platform. But, Pinterest is also a great place to curate information that will help you improve as a blogger.  Because Pinterest has so much information and our feeds move quickly, it is important to pin useful information carefully and clearly to make sure you can easily find it later.

As a blogger, I have set up several boards specific to blogging, social media, platform, writing, etc.  Some are public and some are secret. Over the past year, I’ve been evaluating how often I use each of the boards and what information is most useful to me. I’ve found there are three boards I use the most — and these are the three Pinterest boards you need to have!

On My Blog

I pin every post I write to this board. And while it does help me promote my posts, it also serves several other key purposes for me. First, I pin this post after I’ve shared it on other social media. This board serves as my final check for initial promotion of every post. Second, I compare the number of repins from this board to repins from other boards. It helps me measure which boards are most active and to have a baseline since all my posts are pinned here first. Third, I use it to keep track of my images. Since I use a lot of stock photos, I can quickly look at my post images to determine if I’ve used a particular image recently or how I cropped it so I can make adjustments.  Finally, I keep track of the referrals from this board compared to other boards where posts are pinned. I just keep a little checklist in a notebook with a space for each post and where it is pinned. This helps me evaluate which boards are actually seeing clicks vs. repins.

Blogging Tips

This is my go to board when I need to know how to do something or am looking for a way to spice up my blog. I use my Better Blogging board  to collect information about improving every aspect of my blog — from SEO to design and everything in between. I read several blogs every day about blogging and this board allows me to curate the best information I find. This board is especially useful for collecting information I don’t need immediately but want to have quick access to for another time.

Blogging Inspiration

This is one of my “secret” boards. I pin quotes, images, blog posts, book links … just about anything is fair game here. The description on these pins includes the date I pinned it, how I could use it for a blog post, and other notes to help me. I use this board all the time when I’m planning posts or having writer’s block.  Having a board like this is a great help when my schedule is crazy and I need ideas for posts.

Pinterest is amazing, and I love using it to promote my blog posts. But Pinterest is also a fabulous tool for bloggers who want to improve their writing and blogging skills. Here are some of the other posts I have written about Pinterest:

How do you use Pinterest to improve your blogging skills?