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3 simple ways to improve writing productivity

3 simple ways to improve writing productivity - design by insight

Let’s face it, writing is hard work. Even when we love it, there are times when we can sit and stare at a blank screen {or piece of paper for the old school writers like me} wondering where to start. Distractions abound. And it’s easy to have our great intentions get lost in the midst of email checking, Facebook updating, Twitter chatting, and Pinterest browsing.

Managing our writing time, especially when many of us are squeezing in those blog posts during nap times or before everyone else wakes up, can be challenging. We want to hone our craft, to become better writers.  But sometimes it is hard to be productive with the limited time we have.

I think we often set ourselves up for disaster. Instead of taking small steps toward the bigger goal, we want to leap right into a perfect writing plan. We map out a schedule that looks awesome on paper but is impossible to maintain. Today I want to offer you three simple ways to improve writing productivity.

Spend your best time doing the most important tasks.

When you only have an hour, use it well! The most important thing isn’t promoting your posts — it’s writing them! Spend time researching, writing, editing, and rewriting. Be sure to prioritize, especially when you have limited time.  I try to keep a list of lower priority tasks I can do as I have a few free minutes throughout the day.

Take regular breaks.

Give yourself permission not to write a new post every day. Experiment to figure out how many posts you can write per week. You should also feel free to take regular blogging breaks. Many bloggers take time off during summer or through Christmas.

Group like tasks.

My least favorite part of blogging is finding images. It takes me forever. I have learned, though, to search for images for several posts at once. I use my editorial calendar to determine what types of images I will need. I gather my images for several, add the text, and format them all at once. Other bloggers do as much social media at one time as they can. Many set aside a specific time each week to write all their posts.

Using your time wisely is a vital factor for success in writing and in life. I hope these tips can help you improve how you use your writing time.

What other tips do you have for improving writing productivity?


  1. I have to agree with you especially on taking regular breaks. For me when I take a break and enjoy doing nothing for a little while, it refreshes my mind. It does make me more productive. I have also one tip that might be able to boost your productivity. Using a time tracking software like Time Doctor makes me avoid distractions. It helps especially if you work from home. It motivates me to finish the tasks I need to do before doing things that are unproductive.

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