3 ways to use instagram as a blogger

3 ways to use instagram as a blogger - design by insight

Instagram is my favorite social media platform right now! I love scrolling through my feed and seeing the smiles and adventures my friends are having. For me, Instagram is primarily a fun social media tool. But how can you best use Instagram as a blogger?

There are several ways bloggers are using Instagram intentionally for growing their audience. Learning to use the tools available to us is important for bloggers. Here are three ways you can use Instagram with greater purpose and focus for your blog.

behind the scenes look at blogging, writing, etc.

Pictures of your work space, writing process, and work in progress are great ways to invite your Instagram followers to check out your blog or books. People love to be a part of something “behind the scenes.” Regardless of your blogging niche, there are ways to share what happens before you hit publish on that post. Jessi Connolly is one of the bloggers using Instagram in this way most powerfully. She shares images of new projects and clearly spends time crafting not just her photos but also her captions and hashtags to convey her message. But she does so in a way that doesn’t feel sales-driven.

daily life snippets

Tricia Goyer is awesome at this! Her Instagram is full of real life. By sharing images from her daily routine, she allows us to understand she is a mom and wife and homemaker … and we connect with her even more. Plus, she has shared photos of her hair in foils! That is a brave woman. Share the not so perfect moments of your life … the dinner that burned, the laundry piles, the outfits that didn’t work. Readers want to know you are a real person.  As you share, you will build community with your readers.

post research

I love to test post ideas on Instagram. It’s not scientific but it does give me a good feel for what people are interested in and connect with. I will often share a quote or image and gauge response to help me decide how to approach a topic on my blog.  My February series, 28 Days 28 Ways, was the result of Instagram research. I noticed an increase in connection when I shared images of Scott and me doing things together and ways I was investing in our marriage.

Social media changes so quickly and one of the biggest challenges for us as bloggers is learning to use each tool in our arsenal with the best results. Think outside the box and consider how you can use Instagram {and other social media platforms} in a new way to help you as a blogger.

What is your favorite social media platform?


  1. Love these tips! I love instagram but have found it difficult to connect it to my life as a blogger…these tips are helpful, thank you!

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