31 days series: will you or won’t you?

31 days series: will you or won't you?

In just two weeks the #write31days frenzy will begin — 31 days series will flood our blog readers and social media feeds. October is a great month for bloggers.  Last year over 1200 bloggers linked their series on The Nester’s site. I love the challenge it presents, even if I only get to day 25 like last year. But now is a great time to begin thinking about whether or not you will participate in the challenge. Today I want to consider some reasons why you should and even why you shouldn’t.

Why write a 31 days series?

  1. It’s fun to be part of the community! I have met some of my favorite bloggers during October the past few years. It is fun to connect with new writers and embrace the challenge of writing 31 days straight together.
  2. And, speaking of writing every day for a month, another reason to do it is just that — consistent, daily writing.
  3. This type of series can be an opportunity to focus on and dig deep into a specific topic. This can be especially appealing to those of us who often write about many different topics and like the idea of focusing on one thing for a month.
  4. A 31-days series can also be an awesome way to develop a book idea and explore how to approach your topic.

Why not?

  1. As much fun as it can be to write, make no mistake — it is HARD work. {Hence my 28 days last year instead of 31.} Writing a great 31 days series will stretch you and frustrate you and exhaust you in all kinds of ways.
  2. These series take time. If you’re going to invest in doing a 31 days series, make sure you have enough time to prepare it. Don’t waste the opportunity by only giving if a halfway effort. It would be better not to do it than to do it poorly.
  3. You might not want to do the challenge this year if your calendar is utter chaos between now and October 31. You will need lots of time to get the most benefit to participating. Not only do you need time to prepare and to write the posts … but you will also need time to promote and to engage in the 31 days community. You will need to read other 31 days writers and connect through commenting and sharing.

There are incredible benefits to participating — but you don’t have to do it this year {or any year}. It’s okay if this isn’t your thing! Read the series others write and help them promote. Consider if you want to do it next year and start planning now. And if you are all in on the 31 days challenge — go for it! I’ve done it the past four years and I love it! I think I’ve finally narrowed my topic down {though I do have a second idea that keeps popping into my mind} and I’m brainstorming post ideas.

Either way, join the fun by reading new blogs and connecting with fellow bloggers!

Will you be participating  in the 31 days challenge this year? Why or why not?

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  1. Thank you for this post!! This will be my first year participating, and I am doing my series on “31 Days to Self-Publish Your Book”. You are right, it seems overwhelming, and I hope I can keep up! But I’m also hoping this will give my blog a breath of fresh air 🙂

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