5 signs you need a blogging break

5 signs you need a blogging break - design by insight

Burn out.

We hear about burn out in ministry or leadership. But it can happen for bloggers as well. Let’s face it, no matter how much we do, there is still more to be done. We could write, promote, comment, link, and start over again all day, every day … and still there would be new ideas and new strategies and more work to be done.

What if we took a break BEFORE we got to the point of burnout?

Learning to identify the need for a blogging break is an important step in managing a blog for the long haul. Here are five signs you need a blogging break.

Nothing to Say

This is more than the occasional writer’s block. When you struggle for a week or two trying to figure out what to write or have a difficult time formulating thoughts into posts, it is possible you need a little time away.

Your Family Misses You

This happens to all of us sometimes. Participating in #write31days during October or promoting a big giveaway post can take more time than normal. But, if your family is regularly commenting about how much you are online, a blogging break is likely a good idea.

No Rest

When you can’t “turn it off” you need to take a break. Develop a plan for resting from your blog. For example, many bloggers have joined #analogweekend and stay offline on Saturday and Sundays. Others take regular planned breaks from writing and promoting posts. I typically don’t blog for two weeks in the summer and two weeks around Christmas. Find a way to rest from blogging and know in the end it will make you a better blogger.


In blogging we can hit plateaus. You may have experienced a time when your page views or email subscribers didn’t increase no matter what you did. This can be very frustrating and cause us to want to do more to get to the next level. There are times when we can benefit from more work, but there are also times when we need a break in order to gain perspective. Don’t be afraid to take a short break, even just a day or two, to give yourself space to process and plan for the next step in your blogging journey.

Not Connecting with Other Bloggers

When you are so busy working on your own blog and platform that you don’t have time to connect with other bloggers, you need a break! One of the best ways to refresh yourself and your blog is to invest in other bloggers. Comment, share, and encourage others — and remember how important relationships are. Your blog will be better in the long run as you build community.

There is no shame in needing a break. But there is great wisdom in taking one when you need it. Next week, I’ll share a few strategies for preparing for a blogging break and even a couple of ideas for building your community when you aren’t posting.

What are the benefits you have seen from taking a blogging break?



  1. My current reason for taking a break is to come up with something bigger and better. Jeff Goins is one of my blogging heroes and he often tells his story of “quitting” at the top of his blogging numbers because he needed to go in a different direction.

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