ugh! i’ve nothing to write: 5 tips for finding blogging inspiration

“Creating content is hard work.  Inspiration rewards those who diligently search for it.”

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We’ve all been there.  A blank screen and an even blanker mind.  The pressure to create meaningful content can become absolutely overwhelming to a blogger.  The good news is, is happens to all of us.  The better news is, we’ve found some great posts that speak to finding blogging inspiration.

5 tips for blogging inspiration designbyinsight.flywheelsites.com

Change up the daily grind!

Simply switching up your daily routine can often spark new ideas.  Write at a different time or in a different place.  “More often than not my lack of creative thinking is an after effect of my schedule becoming dull and repetitive.”  Great tip from the writers at After Nine to Five.

Check Google Trends and Insights.

Search Engine Watch suggests using Google Trends to find out what people are interested in and then creating content relevant to what you learn.  “Just looking at the trends might just give you a few ideas, but you can make them more specific by combining the trends with keywords you’re interested in and checking them in Google Insights. You will most definitely find a topic to write about that way!”

Clear Your Must Dos.

Rhea, the CEO of Outspoken Media, suggets making a list of all your to do’s and then prioritizing.  Identify what MUST be done today and then “ignore everything but the today stuff. Take that list and determine if you honestly have time in your day to tackle those. If you do, get back to your computer and do them as quickly and intelligently as possible.”

Repurpose Old, Popular Posts

“You can breathe new life into old topics once you have spent enough time away from them.”  We love this idea from More Visibility.  Regardless of your niche, there is always room to explore “old topics” with a new perspective.

Check Your Analytics Report

We Blog Better suggests that “identifying your best performing content you can come up with related content based on what your readers enjoy.”   Great idea!   Learn to use your Google Analytics information to help you generate meaningful content for your readers.

 A couple of other suggestions I’d offer are browsing photos and searching for quotes.  Looking at photos can spark great ideas for posts and sometimes a great quote can give you just the push you need to write about a topic you’ve been considering.

What are some of your favorite ways to get inspired to blog?

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