better blogging: some simple suggestions

better blogging: some simple suggestions

We bloggers are a funny breed. We love to tweak, modify, and update. We are always on the prowl for ways to improve functionality and connection with our readers. We explore new plug-ins and try the latest social media options.  We participate in webinars and attend conferences. We are learners. And often, we are the adventurers that push businesses and brands to take the next steps in their online strategies as well.

The bottom line: We want to be better at our craft and we’re willing to work hard to get there.

Websites like ProBlogger and CopyBlogger are on our daily “must read” lists and they’ve earned the right to be there. Here are a few of the best articles we’ve read on those sites lately.

From ProBlogger:

From CopyBlogger:

What is the best suggestion you have found lately for better blogging?