better than cupcakes: 5 great posts we read this week

Better than Cupcakes: 5 Great Posts
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Okay, maybe we exaggerate a bit.  This might not be better than cupcakes but it is good.  We’re starting a new feature here at Design by Insight … a weekly wrap-up of great posts we’ve read.   Mostly we will  highlight posts on eBooks, writing, and blogging.    But don’t be surprised to find a gem or two on time management and priorities as well.


Do You Write When You’re not Inspired? from The Write Practice.   Thoughts on scheduled writing vs. inspired writing.  Which camp are you?


What Motivates Readers to Share? from ProBlogger.  Love the lists of most and least retweetable words!

The Trouble with Blogging from Blogging with Amy.  What an encouraging post!  Definitely a must read for anyone who blogs and struggles with trying to manage it all.


Is Your Author “Abot Me” Page Boring Your Readers to Death? from Author Media.  Great examples and insight for developing an excellent about me page.

And one more post for anyone who finds themselves wondering “Where did my day go and what did I accomplish?”, 20 Strategies to Defeat the Urge to Do Useless Tasks from Zen Habits.  One of the more interesting strategies in Leo’s list is to “single task.”  Today, many of us pride ourselves on being excellent multi-taskers.  But more studies are proving we cannot do more than one thing at a time and do them all well.

Do you find yourself more productive when you are multi-tasking or single-tasking?  What challenges do you find with each approach?

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