blogging through the holidays: 3 ways to blog without blogging

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We’re less than two weeks from Christmas. Let the utter madness and chaos ensue. Our calendar is full of parties, family gatherings, church events, and the few blank spaces available will undoubtedly be filled with last minute shopping and {hopefully} at least one family movie night with popcorn and hot cocoa.

Your life is probably about the same.

But somewhere in all of that madness, you still have a blog to maintain. I’m sure some of you are the Type A planners who already have your posts and the social media scheduled. For the other 98% of us, did you know you can blog without really blogging?

Our goal through the holidays as bloggers is often to find that delicate balance between offering our readers enough engaging content to keep them connected but not so much they feel overwhelmed.  As I’ve been looking at my December editorial calendar {and my stats for the past few Decembers} I realized there are a few ways to blog without really blogging.

After all, if we can create quality content without having to spend hours writing, editing, and formatting posts, isn’t this time of year a great time to do so?  Here are three ways you can keep your audience connected and engaged without writing brand new posts.

Schedule social media.

This is a great time of year to share those posts you wrote last year about meaningful family time, planning for next year, etc.  And if you have written posts for the next two weeks, go ahead and schedule the social media notifications now. It will be one less thing you have to add to your list as we inch closer to Christmas.

Create recap posts.

We love list posts! Go ahead and create a recap post of your top posts from 2013 or all the gift lists you’ve created or tips for improving your blog design. There are countless ways to invite readers to dig deeper into your archives. Everything from “Most Pinned Posts” to “Posts You Might Have Missed”—don’t ignore the value of a list post.

Use images.

Maybe you want to share your family’s Christmas card or a favorite quote—use an image instead of writing a post.

As much as we love blogging and bloggers, we know it is what we do offline that makes our lives meaningful. Don’t miss the moments this holiday season because you’re blogging … blog later about the memories you made!

How do you manage your blog during the holiday season?