resources for building your platform

Many Most of our clients are building their platforms. Not just writers hoping for book deals, but also bloggers hoping to grow their audience and businesses looking to expand their customer base.

But it’s a tricky thing, this platform building. We aren’t always sure where the line is and no one wants to risk jumping over it and entering the annoying telemarketer zone. You know what I mean right?  Those people whose Facebook updates are always about their latest project or product and always ask you to “like” or “share”?

resources for building your platform - design by insight

The challenge for all of us is to build our platform, grow our audience, increase our credibility, without selling our souls and losing all our friends.  

Perhaps one of your goals for this new year is building your platform.  You want to share your message without driving people crazy!

We’ve got a few recommendations of products to help you move toward your platform goals.

What is your biggest struggle to building your platform?  Leave a comment to share your struggles and your resource ideas with us.