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Many of our clients are in the beginning stages of building their brand.   When completing a quote request, much of what they want is to lay a solid foundation for great branding.

This week we’ve read some great articles about effective branding and building your brand.

Building Your Brand

ProBlogger is doing a series right now on Building Better Buttons.  From building the right expectations for your buttons  and learning to use the button as a brand engagement tool, this series is – of course! – a home run.   A must read for bloggers and authors.

Speaking of our author friends, The Creative Penn share 10 Tips on Hitting #1 in the Amazon Store.    We at Design by Insight are very proud of the authors we have worked with who have achieved best seller status on Amazon.  This article has easy-to-understand guidance for those who are ready to work hard and achieve writing success.

Building your platform:  the ongoing challenge for authors.  Jane Friedman offers clear definitions of what a platform is and isn’t as well as suggestions of activities to assist in the process.   Excellent information for all writers.

So, tell us, what is your greatest challenge in building your brand? 

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