how can I repurpose my blog’s content?

how can I repurpose my blog's content?

On average, I spend 2 to 4 hours on every blog post I write. That’s a pretty big time investment in 300 to 500 words, and I want to make sure I get the most advantage from my effort. I’m sure you do as well.

I’ve been blogging in some form or fashion since 2006, which means I have a fairly large number of posts in my archives. Over time I’ve weeded out many of the family updates from my first couple of years blogging as well as several other types of posts which are no longer relevant. But, I still have a lot of posts. They sit there unnoticed most of the time. As I look at my schedule over the coming months, I’ve realized I have a few big projects requiring significant time commitments which will limit the time I have to create new content. As I toyed with all my options, including taking a blogging break and writing less often, I began to ask myself another question:

How can I repurpose my blog’s content?

I did some research on this topic and realized there are many ways to use all those posts in my archives to add value to my blog and to my readers. Here are a few I plan to utilize:

Compile a list.

If you have several posts on a specific topic, a list post is a great way to gather all the info into an easily accessible place for your readers. List posts are easy to scan and readers love them.

Create a new graphic.

Printables are incredibly popular on social media {especially Pinterest} and can be a great way to present useful information in a simplified form. Or maybe you, like me, have posts in your archives with no images. Creating a new image or updating an image and adding text can breathe new life into a post. Another idea is to create an infographic with the information you have shared, then link to the original post.

Share on social media.

I try to share older posts regularly on Pinterest and Facebook. Look back at what you wrote this time last year and share as appropriate on your social media channels. Make it a goal to share an older post at least once a week on social media. {Remember, you can schedule these posts!}

Make a vlog or podcast.

Is there a post or series of posts you have written that resonated with your readers? Making a vlog or a podcast can offer your readers a different way to connect and provide you with a new avenue for reaching a broader audience.

Create a product.

Perhaps you have way more information on a topic than will reasonably fit in a blog post or even a blog series. A great alternative is to create a product. You could write an ebook, develop a webinar, or offer an e-course. Creating product is a great way to make your blog content do more. Just remember to make sure you are investing the time and resources to develop a great product.

Don’t neglect your archives! Even simple things like adding a great image and taking time to add solid SEO information can result in more page views. Whether you are heading into a busy season with less time to create content or not, improving and repurposing the blog posts you have is a great investment.

How do you repurpose your content?