you are a content curator: four ideas for using pinterest to build your brand

Recently I was reminded we are all content curators. We bookmark pages, subscribe to blogs, share photos and articles on Facebook, and tweet information. We’re building our own online scrapbooks. Everyone, not just bloggers.

you are a content creator - four ideas for using pinterest to build your brand

Perhaps the most obvious tool for this content curating is Pinterest. Oh how we love Pinterest! {My husband mocks me because I have so many boards.} According to Expanded Ramblings, 48.7 million people have Pinterest accounts. While this feels small in comparison to the 1.11 billion on Facebook, 100 million Instagrammers, and 500 million Twitter users, bloggers and businesses alike have found Pinterest is a top referral source. In other words, you need a Pinterest plan. 

Your Pinterest boards are a valuable tool for branding yourself, marketing your products, and curating the information your readers and customers can use.

Here are four ideas for improving your content curation using Pinterest.

Create themed boards.

The ability to create boards based on certain subjects allows followers to understand your brand’s personality and what’s important to your online store. Why Pinterest Is So Important for Online Stores 

Authors like Tricia Goyer use themed boards to reflect the topics of their books. Her Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors board relates to her current Amish fiction series. With pins about quilts, Amish communities, and simple living, this board definitely curates information the readers of her books will find interesting.

Highlight your popular products.

People like popular products. When they know that a product is selling well and everyone else is buying it, they want to get a hold of it before they miss out. This is one of the reasons why there’s the Amazon bestseller list and the option to look at the most popular products on online stores. How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Products

Popular jewelry designer, The Vintage Pearl, created a Mother’s Day product board. By highlighting products especially suited for moms, the board provided a great resource for individuals searching for a beautiful gift for mom.

Provide useful information for your readers or customers.

Think about boards that would speak to the obvious themes, subjects, areas of interest, and issues that are important to your clients and potential clients. Many of your boards will fit into this category since topics of interest are what you want to focus on to draw visitors to your boards. This can also include ideas that aren’t spot-on with your business but are related in some way. 8 Pinterest Boards Worth Creating for Your Business

Your readers and customers will appreciate having a place to find that useful tip or great resource. As a social media coach, I’ve created a board with relevant information about social media including suggestions for time management, ideas for social media updates, and information about using social media well and ethically.

Make images on your blog or website pinnable.

Make it as easy as possible for people to pin your stuff. Include images on every page and blog post throughout your website and include Pinterest in your social media share buttons (at the bottom of every blog post). Make sure your websote logo (or header image) is pin-able (many aren’t). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to pin an article but couldn’t because there wasn’t an image to pin! Pinterest: A Visual Marketing Tool for Writers and Bloggers

Our editor, Sandra Peoples, does a fabulous job of creating pinnable images for the posts on her editing site, Next Step Editing. If you check out my writing board, you’ll see many pins from Sandra’s posts because the information is excellent and easy to pin!

One other tip:  Keep up with the changes Pinterest is making. Check out Products Added to Pinterest to learn more about how you can improve your product, recipe, and movie pins. Our friend Kristin Schell shared this cool recipe pin yesterday. How awesome does this look?

Here are a few other excellent posts about Pinterest strategy.

What tip for using Pinterest to curate content would you add to our list?


  1. Pinterest is by far the #1 referring site to my blog. Thanks for these tips to help me get the most out of my boards and traffic!

  2. True Teti, Pinterest is great but only with images, i prefer to use also other curation methods for my clients that can gather many blog posts and articles in their niche. Great post, thanks for sharing..

    1. Thank you for your input. While it is true that Pinterest is image-oriented, we have found {as have many others} it can also be a very useful tool for collecting those blog posts and articles you mentioned. Certainly Pinterest isn’t for everyone, but for many bloggers and small businesses, it is one of the best content curation tools available. Again, we are glad you stopped by to share your experience and insight.

  3. Really love this article! Thanks so much for sharing awesome information and links. I hope someday I do have something to add and will be sure to keep you in mind. Wonderful!!

    1. Thank you, Elise, for your kind comment! We hope you will continue to find useful information in our blog posts.

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