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Whether you’re trying to sell a product or simply grow your blog, marketing plays a key role in your online growth. Some people are born with a marketing bent, but for others the learning curve feels steep. Sometimes, though, taking a creative look at marketing can be the best thing we can do.  Whether marketing feels like an uncomfortable necessity or a thrilling adventure, here are some posts that will help you become more effective at online marketing:


Betsy Talbot writes  a creative series on marketing at Copyblogger. Wondering how you can learn marketing strategy from someone as they travel the globe? This one’s for you! Pulling key marketing principles from life experience, Betsy tells the story of her travels combined with meaty marketing advice. I recommend the whole series:

The Exotic Entrepreneur’s 3-Step Guide to Growing Your Business Online

3 Business Lessons You Can Use from a Globetrotting Entrepreneur

3 Online Marketing Tips from a Traveling Entrepreneur


Kelton Reid reminds us that while you can’t truly “cheat” when it comes to content marketing, there are some keys that help give you a solid starting place:

A Content Marketing Innovation Cheat Sheet


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