Five Components of a Shareable Blog Post

shareable blog posts

Let’s face it, some days it feels like we are blogging to the walls. I’ve been blogging for over six years and more than once I’ve contemplated walking away. After all, we spend hours putting each post together and then more time promoting and sharing it … and the reality is, we still can’t control how many people will click on any link.

Last week, I was talking with a client who asked me this question: What makes a blog post great?

As we worked through the answer for that question I realized what my client really wanted to know is, “How do I get people to share my posts?” In the end, we identified five components of a shareable blog post.

1. Clear Main Point

Identifying the topic of your post and then narrowing your focus to one main idea is the foundation of a great post. Why one main idea? When we zone in to one point, we are able to give the reader a clear takeaway.  But remember, one idea can be presented in several ways. For example, if I was writing a post with the main idea being the value of a taking a vacation, I could develop that concept in several ways. {Remember, creating multiple posts from one idea is a great way to become a more efficient blogger.} I might give a list of 10 benefits of getting away or perhaps I’d share how to leave the stress of daily life behind when you go on vacation. Regardless of my approach, the main idea would be the same: taking a vacation is valuable.

2. Compelling Visuals

Taking the time to create a compelling image for your posts is vital. While I readily admit, this is the most challenging aspect of blogging for me, I also recognize the value of a great post. Your image should do two things: provide a clear visual for your main point and enhance your branding. 

3. Good Writing

Please notice I said good writing not perfect writing. Far too many people never hit publish because they want to write the perfect post. But here is something to remember: No one will ever see or respond to the posts you have in draft. Don’t allow your perfectionism to keep you from publishing the message you have. If you notice a typo or a grammatical error after you’ve already hit publish, just go back and fix it. It will be okay. Honest.

4. Strategic Promotion

Knowing when, where, and how to promote your posts is vital to getting them seen. Previously, I wrote a series on developing an effective social media strategy. I often remind my clients promotion isn’t “one and done.” You’ll have to continue promoting your posts after the day they are published. Be intentional about ongoing promotion. Take time to learn where your audience is and become an expert at marketing in those places.

5. Easily Sharable Content

For a very long time I resisted using a “click to tweet” plug-in on my personal blog. I felt like it assumed people were not smart enough to formulate a tweet for themselves. But I finally added one … and guess what? People used it! Not because they were not smart enough to formulate a tweet but because I made it easy for them.  Make it easy for people to share your posts and then ask them to do it. You might be surprised how many people are willing to do so.

Every blog post won’t go viral, we know that. As bloggers, we want to be intentional about creating content that is valuable to our readers … which makes it more likely to be shared. 

What is one way you have found to make your posts great?