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This week is for the bloggers! Resources,

Trying to figure out how to track your blog or website’s content on Pinterest?  This great post from Mashable offers some answers.  {Be sure to check out Erin’s boards on Pinterest for great color ideas, typography inspiration, and other design information.}

Confession:  Finding images for posts is my nemesis.  I am terrible at it … and often end up going without one on my personal blog or asking Erin to help find one for these posts.  So, you can imagine my glee at reading this post from Author Media about find the right stock images.  Excellent suggestions and information.

Are you subscribed to Boost Blog Traffic?  Yes, you should be.  Genius information presented with just the right amount of wit and wisdom.   We both loved this post that emphatically states posting every day is a “silly strategy.”   C’mon, admit it, you have been waiting for someone to say that, haven’t you?

Bloggers talk often about branding.  In fact, we recently devoted a post to the topic.  This article from ProBlogger is a great resource.  By sharing four simple (but often overlooked tips) for branding, we found this to be a simple and useful strategy for improving branding.

Do you have a template for your blog posts?  To be honest, I’d never really thought about that before reading Michael Hyatt’s post explaining his template.  Now, I think I”ll be developing a template of my own.

What areas of blogging are the biggest struggle for you?  Finding time to write?  Developing good design?  Writing consistent content?  Or maybe something else entirely?   

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