for when you feel small

Do you ever feel small?  Insignificant?  Do you ever wonder if you are doing anything that matters?  Does it feel like you are moving slower than anyone else?

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We get that … really.  Somedays it feels like all we’ve done around here is spin our wheels or taken two steps forward only to fall three steps back.

This online world can be difficult to navigate, to understand, and – sometimes – to even enjoy.

We’ve noticed a sense of dissatisfaction lately among bloggers, a tone of frustration, and even a little bit of apathy. What can we do when we feel small and unnoticed? We’ve read some great posts that might be a bit of encouragement to those who are weary. 

Allume’s blog offers all kinds of great encouragement for bloggers of all sizes.

Stop and Smell the Chocolates (written by my amazing friend Lisa) is also reaching out to bless the blogger who feels not as big.

Savvy Blogging is a resource every blogger – regardless of size – should check out.  We are big fans of their weekly social media wrap-up posts.  We also recommend you follow the #savvyblogging hashtag on Twitter.

We love Blogging with Amy‘s series on monetizing for those who are interested in making some money as they blog.

What are some blog posts you’ve read recently that encouraged you as a blogger?  Share in the comments!




  1. The latest thing I’ve read that inspired me is Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. It’s powerful, insightful and motivating as heck. Darren has the ability to make anyone think that they can succeed. You can find the book here 31dbbb-workbook (direct link, not an affiliate gig. I just really think every blogger should read this!)

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning me! Hugs!! I’m so glad that there are more and more sources of encouragement for the smaller bloggers (including me!). I worry about them quietly disappearing from the blogosphere and just want to give them all a boost.

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