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why does google authorship matter?

why does google authorship matter? - designbyinsight.netAs bloggers and online content developers we wage a constant battle to improve our rankings and visibility in search engines. After all, we write because we believe we add value to the conversations around us. We spend time writing, editing, rewriting, and finally publishing {only to see that one mistake we missed and thus edit again}.

We’ve learned to use keywords and metadata and now we’re adapting to the changes Google’s Hummingbird update is bringing. {Expect more on that topic in the weeks ahead.} 

Google Authorship is a key factor in an effective strategy for improving search engine visibility and credibility online.  In a recent article, Vocus Marketing Consultant Eric Davidson explained, “[Google Authorship] ensures that the information posted is a) from a person, and b) tied to that person’s digital reputation through their Google+ account.”

In many ways, Google Authorship resembles the photo and byline for a newspaper or magazine writer. But it’s really much more. Authorship provides a method for authenticating content—connecting it to a person’s Google+ account and creating a verifiable connection between online content and its creator. {For more on this idea, I recommend reading this article on Social Media Today.}

Another reason to embrace Google Authorship is better placement in search engine results. In addition, it appears those little photos improve click-through rates … people like connecting to other people. Google Authorship also provides a direct link to your Google+ account, which increases your social media visibility.

Establishing Google Authorship is simple and easy to complete. And, at this point, it is one of the best steps you can take to improve the visibility and credibility of your brand. Just do the following:

  • Sign up for a Google+ account and set up your profile. Don’t forget to add your headshot to your profile!
  • Check your site to make sure that your byline is included on the pages where you have written content. Your name needs to be listed the same way  it is on your Google+ profile. {For an example, look at the line just below the title of this post, where it says “by Teri Lynne Underwood.” } 
  • Make sure you have an email address that uses your site’s domain (For example: [email protected]). If you don’t, use this alternate method.
  • Visit the Google Authorship page and enter your email address. {Full instructions are listed on that page as well.}

That’s all there is to it!

What do you think about Google Authorship? Have you already set yours up?



  1. Hi Teri
    Yes Google Authorship is important and using a Genesis theme makes it pretty easy to implement.
    I’ve set it up for both my blogs and I’m sure that having your picture displayed does make your SERPS entry stand out.

    I’m all for anything that increases the number of clicks.

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