google+ do you need it or not?

Everyone is talking about Google’s answer to Facebook.

Google+ Are you on Google+?  Struggling to figure out how to fit one more social media outlet into your busy day?  Wondering if it’s worth learning?

We are too!  Here are a few of the best articles we’ve found on the topic of Google+.

Why Google+ is an Inevitable Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy by copyblogger

With an estimated 67 million users as of November 2011, Google+ is here to stay.   This article has excellent insight and information about how to leverage Google+ as a part of your ongoing marketing strategy.

6 Steps to Getting Started with Google+ by Social Media Examiner

An easy-t0-understand explanation of getting your G+ profile up to speed.  Lots of tips and ideas for making your profile interesting.

The Top Google+ Tips and Tricks by Ranker

Five simple suggestions for using Google+ more efficiently.

Are you on Google+?   What do you like/dislike about it? 


    1. Marci, yes Erin and I are both on G+ … we’re still learning how best to use it. But, at this point, I think it’s valuable in terms of targeting my message. Being able to separate people into circles gives me a great way to share information with people who will be most interested in receiving it. You can find Design by Insight on G+ here.

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