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3 great facebook pages for writers & bloggers

Everyone has one.  (Have you liked ours yet?)  But not everyone uses them well.

Facebook Pages.

Love it or hate it, Facebook is essentially required social media for writers and bloggers.   What makes a Facebook page great?  We’ve gathered up  three of our favorites that illustrate key components of a great page.

great facebook pages designbyinsight.flywheelsites.com

1. Interacts with readers.  We love Amy Lynn Andrews’ page.  Not only does she provide excellent information beyond what is on her blog, she also engages with her readers and answers questions.   Just last week our friend Myra asked her a question about a Pinterest plug-in on Facebook.  Amy found the answer and was willing to help others understand how the plug-in worked.  Bloggers, you need to like Amy’s page!

2.  Shares relevant information.  Sandra of Next Step Editing routinely shares grammar tips, writing resources, and other articles that will help writers and bloggers.  We appreciate that her Facebook content is not simply a listing of her blog posts.

3.  Asks great questions.  Author Media’s Facebook page is a great blend of information, encouragement, and humor.  Daily they ask a question designed to encourage or inspire writers to keep going.

What do you think makes a great Facebook page?  Share some of your favorite pages with us in the comments.  We’re always looking for new pages to follow.


P.S. If you haven’t already, please like the Design by Insight page.  As we get closer to launching our book, we’ll be sharing excerpts and sneak peeks there first!



  1. Great round-up! Love Amy Lynn’s page but hadn’t heard of the other two – thanks! PS – didn’t know you were working with Erin – awesome!!

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