knowing your audience and blogging for them

Blogging is hard work.   The time and effort necessary to produce quality content can be exhausting.  A few months ago Erin wrote to the tired blogger and so many of you responded to her encouraging words.

We know how exhausting—but also how rewarding—blogging can be.   At Design by Insight, one of our goals is to provide quality information for bloggers and writers.  These weekly resource posts were born from that desire.

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Over the past few weeks, Erin and I have had several conversations about blogging fatigue.  Last weekend I was at the dotMOM conference in Birmingham, AL, and had the privilege to eat dinner Friday night with a group of fabulous bloggers.  The topic of the evening was learning to live life well so we have quality content to share with our readers.  Maybe you can relate?

All of that to say this, when I read this post on ProBlogger, it spoke straight to the heart of what so many bloggers (myself included!) are finding true:  We need to write for our audience, not for or to other bloggers!  Knowing your audience and blogging for them is key to long-term success. My favorite suggestion is “write your posts for one person, not for your entire audience.”  {Write for Your Customers, Not Your Peers}

Finally, because there is always something to learn about the practicality of managing your blog, we loved Amy Lynn Andrews’ post 12 Blog Organization Tips.  Amy is gifted at sharing practical information in a clear, easy-to-understand (and apply!) manner.

What suggestions do you have about understanding your audience and learning to write for them?



  1. Thanks for your thoughtful post about being a fatigued blogger. It can happen to the best of bloggers, mainly because it’s a project that doesn’t have an end. If you blog regularly, your readers come to expect that you’re always going to have something new frequently. Also, if you aren’t updating, your site seems to lose ground in overall queries just because there’s nothing fresh. When feeling like this, it might be a good idea to put on a good stretch, get a breath of fresh air and rejuvenate. It helps a lot with adjusting your attitude so you can get back at it better than ever.

    1. Thank you, Heather, for your comment. Love that reality that sometimes we literally need a breath of fresh air!

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