3 ways to leverage your existing blog content

3 ways to leverage your existing blog content

Let’s face it, writing a blog post takes more time than people realize. At least, writing a great post does. For the past few months I have been tracking exactly how much time I spend on every post I write. Not just the actual writing but also the research, the image creation, the promotion — all of it. What I’ve found shocked me. I spend over four hours on almost every post I write. Four hours is a huge investment in 500ish words.

I don’t want to waste my efforts by not leveraging this content I work so hard to create. I’d guess you feel the same way.

Our blog content can be more than just posts. A lot more. A few weeks ago I shared a few ideas for repurposing your blog content. Today I thought I’d share three more ways you can leverage your existing blog content.

Submit Queries to Magazines

The post with all the comments or pins or Facebook shares? What if you used it as the start of a magazine article? There are countless types of magazines and many opportunities for submissions. Last year I wrote an article about social media and students for one of our local magazines. While this is not a topic I typically cover on my blog, I had been leading on online parenting group where this was a major topic of concern. I submitted a query to the editor of the magazine and was given the green light to submit a feature article. Just remember to research the process for each magazine to which you desire to submit. {I recommend using the current year’s versions of Christian Writers Market Guide or Writer’s Market to assist in finding appropriate magazines to query as well as notes on the processes and personnel to contact at thousands of periodicals.}

Craft Talks for Local Groups

We’ve looked before at ways to use your blog in your community. I think we underestimate what local opportunities there are for us as bloggers. I live in a VERY small town. But my town has many clubs, churches, and organizations and each of those has regular meetings — with speakers! See where I’m going? You have something to offer … so offer it! Find out who is scheduling speakers for the Civitans or the Garden Club or the monthly women’s meetings at churches and make contact. Share what you write about and how you could tailor a talk to that group. This is a great way to build your reputation and share what you have learned with others.

Develop Relationships with Media

I know, this one might seem even more crazy than the talking in front of a group idea for many of you but think about it for a second. When the newspaper has an article there is almost always a quote from some expert. YOU could be that expert! Find out who the religion or technology or education {or whatever your niche is} reporter is and send an email introducing yourself. Tell him or her what you write and what expertise you have and make sure to mention you’re available for comment anytime. And while you’re at it, you may as well submit an editorial or opinion piece. Don’t be afraid to step out! I write a column for our local paper and have also written a feature article for a local magazine. These are great ways to build your audience and connect beyond your blog.

The bottom line is this: You are creating great content for your blog and there is no reason not to pursue other opportunities to expand your writing opportunities. The three ideas are just a starting point for what you can do. And, if you are working to build your platform for a traditional publishing deal, these are three excellent methods of growing your audience and credibility.

What are some of your best ideas for leveraging your blog content?


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