make 2014 your best blogging year yet: plan ahead - design by insight

make 2014 your best blogging year yet: plan ahead

make 2014 your best blogging year yet: plan ahead - design by insight

It’s less than a week until Christmas and like most everyone else, I’m rushing around trying to finish up shopping, baking, and all those last-minute details. I’ve got my lists and a plan for making every day manageable and allowing room for some fun as well.

We’ve had the calendar out a couple of times looking ahead to 2014 and writing in dates for trips, camps, and several other commitments. And as I’ve worked on our family calendar, I’ve been making notes for my blog’s editorial calendar as well.

I admit, I like a plan. I like to have an idea of what is ahead and what needs to happen next. But I also know having a plan helps me stay focused and gives me the freedom to say “no” when necessary.

As you look ahead to 2014 and what it will bring for your blog, one of the best ways you can make the most of the time you have is to develop a plan  Here are a few simple suggestions for getting started.

  1. Keep your personal and family calendars handy while you are planning for your blog. It’s never a good idea to start a new series or launch a new eBook the week before or after you’ve got a big family event or vacation. {Trust me, I speak from some experience here.} There are going to be busier weeks for your family — give yourself permission not to do as much on your blog during those times.
  2. Develop an editorial calendar to help you sort out your ideas. Is this the year you’re going to start a weekly or monthly link up? Is there a series you’ve been wanting to write? Do you participate in any weekly or monthly link ups on someone else’s blog? An editorial calendar can be a great tool for outlining your plans.  {I use The Blog Planning Kit  from and I love it! (affiliate link)}
  3. Identify your goals for the 2014 and what steps you will need to take in order to accomplish them.  Perhaps you want to grow your email list or maybe you are working on a book proposal. How can your blog help you in those areas? What are specific actions you can take or posts you can write?

Don’t worry about coming up with blog post titles or even assigning specific dates to all of them. Your plan can be as simple as noting what types of posts you want to write in different months or when you want to do a series. The goal is to have an idea of what you’ll write and when. If you want to make 2014 your best blogging year yet, take some time to develop a plan!

What is your plan for your blog in 2014? 

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