make 2014 your best blogging year yet: social media tips
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make 2014 your best blogging year yet: social media tips

make 2014 your best bloggin year yet: social media tips - design by insightWell, here we are — 2014. Is it just me, or did 2013 fly by?

Hopefully you have begun to recover from the holiday madness and are now ready to plunge into all the new year holds.  A couple of weeks ago I shared some tips for planning ahead in order to make 2014 your best blogging year yet. If you haven’t had an opportunity to look at that post or to implement any of those ideas, I do hope you will take time to consider how developing a plan can be the best investment you make for your blog in the coming year.

This week, we’re talking social media. As a social media coach for individuals and small businesses, I know how overwhelming it can all seem. Long gone are the days when Twitter and Facebook were the only options. There are more than 200 different social media applications, and trying to figure out which ones to use and how to use them can send even the most savvy among us into a frenzy.

First off, let me share what I tell every one of my clients: You don’t have to do it all! Everyone take a deep breath of relief. The reality is, you can’t do it all. So give yourself the freedom not to try.

Now that we have that cleared up, here are a few tips for getting your social media plan developed and under control as the year begins.

Identify Your Priorities and Goals

You have to know what you want to do in order to determine your best social media investment. For example, if you are an author with a book releasing this year, your goal may be to have your book used by book clubs. In that case, Riffle or Goodreads may be a better use of your time. Take some time to figure out which social media platforms will be most useful to accomplishing your goals.

Update Your Profile Information

Once you have determined where you will invest in social media, make sure your profiles are up-to-date. I highly recommend using the same profile picture and username across all social media if at all possible. Not only does it help with branding but it also makes it easy for your followers to find you.  You may also want to consider creating a specific landing page for the different platforms on your site.

Check Your Links

Look at the social media links on your blog or website. Double check to make sure they are all correct. While you are there, make sure you have icons and links to the social media sites you are prioritizing.  And be sure you have a social media plugin installed to allow readers to share your blog posts or pages via social media.

Establish a Schedule

Don’t let social media run your time! Develop a posting schedule and use an app like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule your posts. While you will also want to invest time in conversation and community on social media, using a scheduler can take the pressure off you to make sure your posts are shared. In addition, it is wise to set time aside for social media each day.  Many bloggers spend 15 minutes twice a day on social media. Build that time into your daily routine and set a reasonable limit for yourself.

The key to social media effectiveness is two-fold: engage your community and share meaningful content. Don’t neglect either aspect!

What is your best social media tip?

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