self-publishing, e-books, and print on demand

e-Publishing is not going away.  According to a Harris poll released on March 8, 28% of adults use an e-reader a tablet to read e-books – that’s up from 15% in July 2011.   This great article from the Hindustan Times (I know, crazy, huh?) outlines five trends in e-books for 2012. 

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Since we do a little bit of work with e-books, we thought we’d share some information we have found about e-publishing and print on demand.

Create Space is an excellent option for those who desire to make a print copy of their book available.  We highly recommend reading the articles on Create Space about formatting before you begin formatting and planning the design for your POD book.  The information in these articles is provided by Create Space Resources and will help you understand the process even if you are hiring a design and formatting company.  {Check out our design packages for e-books and print on demand.}

Mobi, epub, pdf … all these formatting options can be confusing.  Guiding Tech has done a great job of explaining each and as well as addressing the benefits and downsides to each option.

Finally, we loved this article from The Creative Penn discussing the rise of the indie author.

Tell us:  What questions do you have about e-books, self-publishing, and print on demand?

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