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schedules and productivity

Schedules and Productivity - designbyinsight.net

Managing our time well is a challenge for most of us. Especially when the allure of social media surpasses the hard discipline of writing and managing our blogs. It’s easy to feel productive online and then later realize we accomplished nothing.  The reality is a strong link between schedules and productivity. This week, I rounded up some posts that speak to improving our productivity and managing our schedules.

10 Productivity Tips for Writers by The Creative Penn

My favorite on this list, “Save every draft!” Sometimes that sentence you edited from your book can become the foundation for an excellent blog post.

How to Organize Your Blogging Time by Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy’s counsel begins with, “Determine what needs to be done!” Develop a plan for managing the time you spend maintaining, creating, and managing your blog.

10 Vital Stats for Blog Health and How to Track Them from ProBlogger

While numbers are not everything, they are a useful tool for gauging progress and understanding readership.

Become more Productive by Reengineering Your Morning Routine podcast by Michael Hyatt  

Are you making the most of your morning routine? Here are some simple ideas for using morning time to become more productive.

What are some ways you use schedules to improve productivity?


  1. I can’t wait to read these! This is exactly what I need right now. Its tricky trying to balance family, work, school, and writing.

    1. So glad, Amanda! I do hope these articles help you find a routine that will work best for you in this season.

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