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self-publish: moving from idea to productTo celebrate our launch:

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You have an idea for a book and you’re ready to take the leap. From one minute to the next you may feel enthusiastic, overwhelmed, expectant, or even a little scared. It’s time to embark on a great adventure, and you’re not entirely sure what’s ahead.

We want you to know you can do this! Self-publishing is an opportunity for you to chase your dream, pursue your goals, and share your story.

Blending the long-accepted principles of writing a great book proposal with the practical insights of design and formatting of a self-published book, Self-Publish is a resource for writers intrigued and/or intimidated by the world of self-publishing.

Self-Publish provides you with detailed information about each component of a great self-published work as we guide you from idea to product. We will help you ask yourself the right questions about four key elements of a successful book:


Self-Publish is designed for the writer who values quality and is prepared to devote time to creating an excellent product. Not just another how to book, Self-Publish is really a why to book—why to develop a solid foundation, why to understand importance of quality design, why to choose the best formats for your product, and why to view self-publishing as a legitimate tool for conveying your message.

Self-Publish is packed with valuable insights, specific examples, and—most importantly—20 worksheets to help you plan and prepare to write and release your book.  Our desire is not just to provide you with information but to give you the tools to apply what you’ve read to your project.

We know the choices available to self-publishing authors can be overwhelming.  Step-by-step instructions for formatting are readily available from the various self-publishing companies,and since these change frequently due to technical advances this information is not included in Self-Publish.  We believe the bigger question many writers face is which formats are the best for their particular project.  Our goal is help you answer that question by offering details about the features and limitations of each choice.

What does Self-Publish include?

16 chapters packed with valuable information and useful examples, such as:

So, What’s Your Book About? Developing Effective Summaries
The E-Publishing Jungle: Choosing the Right Formats for Your Book
“No One Has Ever Written Anything Like This Before!!” The Reality of Competition
Do I Really Need a Mini-Site? Finding the Best Fit for Your Book’s Online Presence

20 worksheets to help you build your plan , including:

Creating a Workable Timeline
Choosing the Right Editor
Mapping Out Design Ideas
Identifying Your Audience
Brainstorming a Marketing Plan
Branding You

  self-publish: moving from idea to product

will be available for purchase on September 18