simple strategy for creating multiple posts from one idea

simple strategy for creating multiple posts from one idea

We talk about brainstorming ideas frequently in these posts. Why? Because I believe it is one of the most challenging aspects of building your blog.

Recently I worked with a client to identify her first twenty-five posts. She had not yet launched her blog and wanted to have at least that many ready to go before she launched. But, she was overwhelmed by trying to determine what she could write.

The process we used is one you can easily apply to your own specific blog writing.

Simple Strategy for Creating Multiple Posts from One Idea

First, we identified topics using the blog categories. For example, here at Design by Insight, I primarily focus on blog strategy, marketing ideas, and social media.

Second, we made a list of three general post ideas for each category. Let’s use social media for our example. I could write posts about social media scheduling, ways to use social media, and social media strategy.

Third, we took each idea and developed at least three specific posts she could write based on that one topic. Continuing with our example, let’s use social media scheduling. Three posts I could write about this topic include: Tools for Scheduling Social Media, Benefits of Scheduling Social Media, and How Often Should I Schedule a Social Media Post?

Through the rest of March, I’ll be writing each of those posts I listed above—both to provide examples of how to take one idea and create multiple posts from it but also to give you valuable information you can use to improve and increase your social media strategy.

Now, for your homework: Take one of the categories on your blog and go through these steps. Share with us in the comments how this process could help you build your blog.

What is one way you brainstorm blog topics?