does your small business need a blog?
{identifying your audience}

Welcome to part three of our series, “Does Your Small Business Need a Blog?” So far we’ve explored two reasons WHY you might need a blog for your business and we’ve looked at WHAT your blog’s content can and should be. This week we’re looking at the WHO of business blogging.

does your small business need a blog? {identifying your audience}

Who is the audience for my business blog?

Identifying who your audience is can be the single most important aspect of building a successful blog, business or otherwise.

Here at Design by Insight, we have identified both primary and secondary audiences. Our main target is our clients. We work very hard to build quality relationships with the businesses and individuals we design for and we want to provide them with ongoing support and encouragement. Our blog provides us a means for doing that in an effective, ongoing, and efficient manner.  Our secondary audience is potential customers. As people read our blog and recognize us as a credible source of information and knowledgeable about website design, self-publishing, and blogging, our hope is they will contact us as they have need for design.

You can ask the following questions to help identify who the audience is for your blog:

  1. Who are my current customers?
  2. Who would I like my customers to be?
  3. Who might be interested in learning more about my business services or products?
  4. Who are those people who might not need my services or products but know others who do?
  5. Who might need information about my products or services?

Another question you may have is this:

Who should write my business blog?

If you are small business owner, the odds are you can’t afford to hire a writer for your website. Marketing money is often scarce and needs to be well managed for maximum benefit. Hiring a freelance writer can be an expensive proposition. But the truth is, you should write for your blog anyway. Because YOU are the expert about your business and your customers. If you struggle with writing, find someone to help you with proofreading or editing but you need to be the one to tell your business’s story.

You can tell your brand story. A blog is a great place to offer more insight into your company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. Tell your customers why you’re in business and how you can help them. {19 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Writing a Blog}

Who is the audience for your business blog?