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The good news is there are more options for publishing and spreading your message than ever before.   Last weekend, I was at a conference in Nashville for writers and the topics of e-books, self-publishing, and traditional publishers were, naturally, hot topics in sessions and between the attendees over lunch.


Wayne Hastings, the former Senior Vice President of Thomas Nelson Bible Group, shared in one session that 20% of books published in 2011 were e-books.  Twenty percent.  The opportunities are out there and the resources and tools are readily available.

Understanding the differences – both good and bad – between traditional publishing and self-publishing (including e-publishing) helps us make the best decisions about pursuing our writing goals.

Here are few articles we have read lately that will be valuable to anyone contemplating writing a book:

Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing are not Mutually Exclusive from The Creative Penn.   A great article that explores all the options including a blending of traditional and self-publishing because, as the author states, “Most authors write more than one book.”

The Shocking Truth about Launching a Writing Career by Jeff Goins.    “You are a writer when you say you are.”  Words of wisdom from one of our favorite bloggers and writers, Jeff Goins.  Oh and we also highly recommend his new e-book, You are a Writer.

4 Insights I Gleaned from Building My Own Platform by Michael Hyatt.  If you want to be a writer, in any way, shape, or form, you should be subscribed to Michael Hyatt’s blog.  Period.  This post is a great example of the way he teaches, encourages, and challenges.   Plus, these insights are excellent building blocks for anyone who seeks to grow an audience and build a tribe.  And, by the way, Michael has a new book on this topic of platform, but he really wants you to wait to buy it.

And one last one to help you with your blog, The Write Practice has created a list of essential plug-ins for authors.

So, tell us, do you want to write a book?  What are your thoughts on publishing?

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