tips for adding value to your blog


You’ve worked hard on your blog. You diligently create quality content. You pay attention to your audience and what appeals to them. You have studied writing and blogging.  You’ve made an investment and you strive to do your best. We know that! And we applaud you for it. What’s next? Here are some tips for adding value to your blog.

Take it one step further.  

More genius from TentBlogger.  Become a Publisher Plus One is a challenge to bloggers to not only post daily but also do something to add value to your blog every day as well.  John has some great suggestions in this post such as improving SEO in one area of your site and learning more about your theme or plugins.   I believe he is dead on in his assessment that great content must be coupled with ongoing assessment and improvement in all areas of our blogs in order to see positive results from our efforts.

Make searching easy.

Last week one of the “don’ts” was about broken links.  I set out to fix the broken links in my blog (using Broken Link Checker).  I ran into a problem, though: fixing links to blogs without a search button is next to impossible.  I ended up removing links and even editing out portions of posts that would have linked to other blogs because I did not have time to scroll though their archives to find the post I had originally linked.  That made me wonder why any blogger would NOT have a search button on their site.  I did what I always do and asked Erin.  She found this little gem that explains when a search option is not a good idea.  Generally speaking though, we’d argue that a good search form adds value to your blog or website.  

 Branch out a little.

Just because you blog doesn’t mean you can only blog.  Michael Hyatt offers 4 reasons to consider podcasting as another avenue to communicate your message.  Newsletters, vloggging, and podcasts are all excellent alternative methods for reaching your audience.  Before you start, we recommend researching and developing a plan.  Don’t be the one who jumps on the biggest, brightest bandwagon.  Consider what will best connect with your readers and how you can improve your relationships with them.

 We have added a “must read” list of articles to our website.  You can find some of the best information we’ve collected from around the web about developing your blog or website as well as creating and marketing your e-books.   One of our goals is to be a resource point for our clients and for others who want the most reliable and relevant information about the ever-changing world of  blogging and e-publshing.

What steps are you taking to add value to your blog?


  1. I have started a page that I am in dire need of assistanace with. It is catored towards the christian community, but I try to talk about simple things. Sometimes I go a little overboard somtimes, but any little help would be appreciated on how to get traffic, and keep things current with the audience I am attempting to reach

    1. The best advice I can give you, Janice, is to create quality content. Most blog readers prefer shorter posts with actionable steps. Engage with the readers you have and build a community. It takes time so don’t give up!

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