twitter lists: advice for making twitter more manageable

twitter lists—advice for making twitter more manageable - designbyinsight.net

Sometimes the best posts come from questions asked in the comments. Erika left a comment on our social media overload post a few weeks ago wondering about Twitter lists.

I love Twitter lists!  I recommend them to every one of my social media coaching clients. They are a time saver and allow you to collect information and stay connected in a more intentional and manageable way.

Here are some great posts about Twitter lists:

The Twitter support page has a great explanation for setting up your lists. But for those who prefer to see how to do it, we’ve found  an excellent video tutorial as well.

As for who should be on your lists, Mashable offers 10 ways to use Twitter listsSocial Media Examiner includes a couple of ideas for using lists in their post, 16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business.

Do you have Twitter lists?  How have you found them useful in managing Twitter?

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