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dos and don’ts on twitter

dos and don'ts on twitterWhether you love it or hate it, Twitter is definitely here to stay.  With over 200 million active users (and up to 500 million total accounts), learning to navigate this face-paced social media tool has become a near-necessity for most businesses, non-profits, and bloggers.  As with all social media, there are those who use it well and those who, well, don’t.  Here are few tips we have found recently to help you use Twitter effectively.

Twitter DOs

Twitter DON’Ts

What is your best Twitter tip?

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  1. Ooh I have so many. Don’t be an egg – use your own face as your avatar – people connect with people, not cats or sunsets 😉 Do thank people for sharing/retweeting and try to return the favor. Do find some fun twitter parties and make friends – it’s not just about self promotion 🙂

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