understanding google analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics. I have to admit, I find this all a bit overwhelming. But I realize how important SEO {search engine optimization} is and, to that end, Google Analytics is an important component of my growth plan.

Here are a few of the articles I have been reading to help me understand the functions of Google Analytics and how they can help me.

Start here with this easy-to-understand post about the data available through Analytics from Web Developer Juice.  I love that they begin by explaining what Google Analytics is—”a free application that tracks traffic patterns on your website, giving you fresh insight into how visitors use it. This invaluable information on the behavior of your visitors can help you to understand their experience, letting you know what’s working, and more importantly, what’s not.”  That certainly helps me see the value in learning more!

Next, how about a very simple explanation of the basic information bloggers can gain from Google Analytics from BloggerSentral.  I appreciate the simple definitions of vistors, bounce rate, visit value, and traffic.  This article will definitely help you begin to grasp what all those numbers and graphs on your GA homepage mean and why the data is useful.

LOVE this interactive guide to understanding Google Analytics from Designer Blogs.  Seriously, this answered most of my questions and helped me understand the process. Definitely bookmark this guide.

If you prefer to watch and learn, check out this video from Lady Luck Media:  Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics.  It’s about 18 minutes and is packed with simple information.

How do you use Google Analytics?