when you need a vacation

Sometimes you just find yourself dry.  Words don’t come.  Inspiration has vanished.  Your mind is empty.  All of us face that struggle.   We need rest, we need a break.  We need time to be restored, refreshed.  We all come to a point when we need a vacation. And it is okay!

Next week, Design by Insight will be on Spring Break.  We’ll be renewing our creative juices, spending time with our families, and enjoying a time of rest.

There is nothing wrong with needing time off.  Michael Hyatt took the day off yesterday after a busy week.   I Googled “why take a vacation” and over 77 million results showed up in 0.25 seconds.

Some food for thought:

“Going back to work fully energized not only boosts your productivity but also clarifies your thinking and priorities.” from 3 Reasons to Take a Vacation

What about you?  Do you take a vacation from all your writing, blogging, social media-ing?  What benefits have you found to these kinds of breaks?  

{Image used by permission: Kathy Adams}

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  1. So true- we all need a break- I need one as well… but not until this book is DONE! 🙂 Otherwise I won’t be able to relax all the way- I will be thinking about all I need to do still….

    I am so glad you are getting a break ladies! Enjoy and may God fill you up! So excited to be working with you soon… Love and prayers

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