so you want to start a blog {4 questions to ask yourself first}

so you want to start a blog (4 questions to ask yourself first} -

You want to start a blog? Great idea! Obviously, we love blogs and bloggers around here.

And while it is very simple to start a blog, there are some important questions you should ask yourself before you commit. I read once that more than 80% of blogs never have more than one post. We want you to be successful at blogging and reach the goals you set for yourself.  The following questions will help you prepare for the demands of blogging and give you the best start for long-term success.

How much do I know and how much am I willing to learn?

The reality is, there is a great deal to know as a blogger. It’s a whole new language and requires several skill sets including writing, design, and marketing. Very few people have mastered all of these — so the truth is, you will need to be honest about what you know and what you are willing to learn. You have options, and you don’t have to do it all. But that leads to the second question …

Where will the money for blogging come from?

Blogging really isn’t free. If you aren’t able to do design, you’ll have to pay for that. You’ll need to pay for hosting and quality stock images. You may find you need someone to help with editing or a virtual assistant to manage advertising. Creating a newsletter or podcast can also add cost. Attending conferences and webinars are additional expenses you may need to factor into your decision. It’s important to understand the financial investment in your blog and be prepared for it.

What is my promise to my audience?

Branding matters. When you start your blog you need to know what you are promising your audience. My tagline expresses my promise: Permission to Live Well. My promise to my blog readers, those who hear me speak, my coaching clients, and those who buy my books is simple: I will encourage and challenge you to live well by establishing priorities, embracing faith, and establishing times of rest. Stephanie Bryant says your brand is “your promise to your audience to the same every where they see you.”  Spend some time considering what your message is and how that translates into a promise to your audience. Then be strategic and focused on sharing that promise clearly.

How much time do I have to devote to blogging?

The truth is, blogging will take more time than you think or expect. I’ve shared before I spend about four hours on every post I write for my personal blog. Because of that, I choose to write fewer posts so I can give each one the attention and focus to make it the best possible post. Blogging will take more time than just writing the post and hitting publish. You also need to factor in time to build relationships with other bloggers, to grow your community, to market your posts, and to improve your blogging knowledge and skills.

As you contemplate starting your blog, I encourage you to take some time to answer each of these questions. Give your blog the best possible start and be prepared to achieve your goals through blogging. Take the time necessary to prepare and plan for your own success!

What question would you add to this list?