Case Study: Kristi Hill Coaching

New Website – 1 VIP Day

Kristi Hill Coaching VIP Day

Kristi is a long time client who contacted me needing a website for her new coaching business. She needed a simple site to share about her services and provide a way for clients to get in touch.

A website in a day!

On Kristi’s VIP Day, I designed and built a brand new, 5 page website, including the home page, about page, coaching page, work with me page, and a contact page. By the end of the day, the site was ready to go live!

Here’s what Kristi had to say:

It was amazing! I loved the efficiency of doing so much on the front end, and then seeing it all come together in a single day. So much easier than back and forth for days or weeks. I also appreciate how kind and generous you are on the tech parts that I don’t necessarily understand.
Krist Hill
Kristi Hill Coaching

New Website – 1 VIP Day

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