Let’s get your website done in a day!

It really is possible with my
streamlined VIP Day system.

What can be done in a day?

Examples of things we can typically accomplish during one VIP Day include:

A VIP Day is an exclusive, focused day reserved just for you, rather than a set of deliverables.

It’s important that you complete your prep work on time and are available throughout your VIP Day to give prompt feedback. That coupled with my undivided attention and streamlined process on your day will enable us to get an amazing amount of work accomplished!


What Clients Are Saying about VIP Days

“Working with Erin is like having a design guardian angel who seems to know just what you need to bring vitality to your brand or sensibility. I couldn’t be more pleased with the VIP day … I felt a huge weight lifted.”
“It was amazing! I loved the efficiency of doing so much on the front end, and then seeing it all come together in a single day. So much easier than back and forth for days or weeks. I also appreciate how kind and generous you are on the tech parts that I don’t necessarily understand.”
– Kristi
“I couldn’t believe how fast the day flew by, and at the end of it we had such an awesome website. I was surprised by just how collaborative the day felt. I know you were doing all the work, but I felt empowered the entire time to make the suggestions or edits I wanted. THANK YOU! I really love the website!”
– Genny
“It was logistically perfect! Once the content was ready, Erin did a fabulous job converting my theme and making the website look gorgeous! Erin made the process so easy and painless. Grateful for her expertise.”
– Dedra

How does a
VIP Day work?

  • Choose a date that works for you and book it with a 50% deposit.
  • Do a little prep work to ensure that we’re ready to go on intensive day.
  • Have a kick-off call (or email or text chat) with me a few days before, just to make sure everything is good to go.
  • Sit back and relax on the day of the intensive, while I work!
  • Enjoy 30 days of post-intensive support so that you can get any questions answered.

Investment: $1,400

Are you ready for your VIP Day?

Book your day now with a 50% deposit of $700.


Examples of what can typically be done during one VIP Day include:

  • a brand new 3-5 page site
  • a sales page and funnel setup
  • a punch list of all those changes you’ve been wanting
  • a design refresh and theme change (perfect for sites on the Genesis Framework that need to move to Kadence … highly recommended for all Genesis sites)

No, most of your part will be accomplished during the pre-work phase. You will need to be ready throughout the day to review the work and give prompt feedback when needed though. Most of my clients are busy doing other things, but they are actively watching for messages from me so they can reply right away.

Because you are booking me for the day, there isn’t a guaranteed set of deliverables. What you will receive is my undivided attention and focus to your project for that day. How much we can get done will depend on factors such as your completion of prep work and your prompt responses during the day. So it’s important to keep this in mind when you select the date for your VIP Day.

Currently my VIP Days are available for $1,400 per day. A 50% deposit is required to book your day, and then the remaining 50% is due at the end of your VIP Day.

Because of the efficiency of the VIP Day framework, I am able to get an incredible amount done. (At the end of every VIP Day, I’m consistently surprised!) The cost of a VIP Day actually works out to be comparable to the cost of a similar traditional project, but you see the results in a single day, rather than waiting weeks.

No problem! We can discuss how many days will be needed for the project, and you can book multiple VIP Days.

Please get in touch! You can start here.

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