From website hosts to email marketing providers
and more, here’s what I recommend …

Website Hosts

Choosing a quality host is an important part of setting up your WordPress site. A poor hosting provider can have a significant impact on your site’s performance (and your sanity!). The hosts I recommend below were chosen based on performance, customer service, and security.

PLEASE NOTE: There are some hosts that I do not recommend based on both my own experience and that of our clients. I don’t post a list of those hosts here, as I’d prefer not to publicly drag their names through the mud, but if you’re working with me and considering a different host, please let me know before you sign up for services. Making a good choice where hosting is concerned will save hours of frustration down the road.

Domain Registration & Email Hosting

Depending on which hosting company you choose, domain registration and email hosting may be available at your hosting provider. If not, I recommend the following …

Namecheap (for Domain Registration)

For domain registration only, I recommend Namecheap. They include free WHOISGuard Identity Protection with each domain registration purchase. There is no need to purchase hosting or any of there other add-ons.

Google Workspace (for Email Hosting)

Google Workspace (formerly known as G-suite) is an excellent choice for email hosting. Their service includes Gmail Business Email using your own domain ([email protected]), as well as other features such as online storage and live support.

Email Marketing

I really can’t overemphasize the importance of building an email list. It has the potential to be the your most powerful marketing tool, and it’s a tool you control, rather than one you have to share with a social media giant such as Facebook. You can read more about the benefits of email marketing in this article from ConvertKit.


MailerLite provides a user-friendly dashboard with a drag & drop editor and beautiful templates to make your emails stand out. It’s very affordable (free up to 1,000 subscribers and reasonably priced above that). I use MailerLite personally and have been very happy with their service.


Flodesk makes it easy to design beautiful emails and forms for your subscribers. There is no free plan option, but their flat $38/month fee includes unlimited subscribers and emails.


ConvertKit is viewed as one of the best professional level email marketing solutions. Their emails are less design-focused and more focused on getting your content into your reader’s inbox. They do not offer RSS to email (which is required if you want your blog posts to be sent to your subscribers automatically), so this is something to keep in mind.